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The first week with you is the most happiest moment in the 2018 so far. The first thing i come back from work is drive you around the town(the work place is really close and i don't get car park for the car-expensive):( Anyway, 5pm is time for mountain route. Sport model is crazy and the car is bloody fire. First time i got so scared of push the car and just drive reasonable fast. Actually you can feel that she(car) have more power in it and the feels of down shifting is shock and fun.The feeling of press when u apply gas doesn't need to describe. But coming back to the beginning or i would say the role as not a sport car. Jag F-pace is comfy and the space is enough for me. Because is a pre-owned car, so the previous owner doesn't add any useful feature on it. What i feel is useful for me is heating system really save my ass. suspension is the rubbish. Why it's so hard and my butt is hurt every time i go for a long drive. IDK, jag say they build the suspension to give the clear feedback from the road. Excuse me, i'm not racing it, the reason people buy this car is use it from point A to Point B:( They think all the customer are from the track lol>:D But, coming back from the beginning. A car make u smile like that is worth anything and anything you dislike the car is gone when you drive it on the mountain route:D


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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