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Hey all,

First let me introduce myself: I’m Jonathan...proud new owner of a 2017 f-type SVR. Love the car! It’s truly an honor to be able to drive this fantastic piece of automotive machinery...

Now onto the question:
When I’m driving with the paddle shifters (both in dynamic and just manual mode), and I downshift to 2nd gear, there is this odd mechanical sound that emanates from the rear passenger side of the car. It sounds really electronic, as if something is being engaged or something. It’s quite noticeable. I don’t hear it if I downshift down to 2nd at a higher speed like 32-42 mph (which is pretty high speed to be downshifting down to 2nd!). If I downshift down to 2nd in the high teen mphs or even in the 20-27 mph range, it comes on like clockwork! Anyone else ever experienced this?
I started to downshift the car from 2nd to 1st at literally a standstill, in order to avoid the noise in 1st gear as well.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly greatly appreciated...Thanks!

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