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Hello all,
Just had the Mina gallery lower intake tube and filter installed and there is basically 0 supercharger whine. The box and silencer is removed. I'm not sure what it is.

Called Mina Gallery and they mentioned the YouTuber Sal'a Garage has the same issue possibly. He mentioned the symposer might be faulty.

Anyone else run into this problem and was able to fix it? I'm so saddened by this new issue that I came across. I kind of noticed that I didn't hear the supercharger whine with the older I take too, even at high RPM's.

I can hear it clearly if I put my phone near the intakes with the hood open but it is basically quiet unlike other video's I've seen with it installed.

Here's a video that demonstrates how loud it should be with just the lower intake tube and filter installed replacing the OEM silencer and airbox.
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