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I was told today by servicing at Guy Salmon Thames Ditton that after buying the car brand new four years ago and having done only 24000 miles I require a supercharger modification kit fitted at a cost of around £1500 and possibly a new water pump which I was too scared to ask the price of!
I am shocked at the problems I have had with my first Jaguar, during my last service which was less than 4000 miles ago I had to have an oil leak fixed in the rear differential which cost £800!
Has anyone encountered similar problems?
Angry from Weybridge!!
Hey bud,
Sorry to hear you are having such issues... Water pumps fail, all cars various miles.. 24K is low for it on any.. Leak on Rear Diff is a thing that some owners of our cars see, mostly V8s..
but the elephant in the room here is " I require a supercharger modification kit fitted"
This one concerns me and makes me think you are not at a reputable shop... the XFRs had retrofits needed, but the F Types have been fixed with those from the factory.. I have not heard of any of this type recall or needed retrofit and IF it was needed, as others have said it would be a warranty item... something is not quite right here bud.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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