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...and I don't like what Jag Service is saying!

I recently changed my wheels, tires, rotors, and tire pressure sensors on my Beast. Seemed to be quite the task but I got it done. Now my tire pressure light is on. I got the sensors of Amazon but was told they would fit. I went to Jag service to "reset" the sensors. I was informed the sensors were the wrong MHz. I was told the OEM proper sensors were going to cost me $778.00 plus installation. WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!! Also, I couldn't get my caliper covers on. Dropped one of the clips and was told I would have to buy an entire new cover to get the clip...$127.00. Ridiculous! Where is the site which carries Jag parts at a cheaper price?

All said I can still drive it but mentally those things must be fixed!!!!
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