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Hi All:
Calling from just South of Boston, Massachusetts, I just joined the Forum after ordering my new BRG F-Type convertible. I drove a 2017 S model but could not get to the right price with the dealer, but I was able to find a new 2021 on line with an $8,000 dealer incentive. Managed to avoid all the fluffy add-ons, so got a really decent price. I figured the premium over the 2017 was worth it - it does include 60K / 5 year warranty, services and roadside assistance in addition to getting the new car smell, though I expect to blow that out as soon the weather warms up and I can drive roof-down.
I would appreciate any advice from other owners as to things to watch out for with the car.
I have instructed the dealer to do a wheel alignment check because I understand tire wear can be an issue and want to start out knowing that at least I have avoided one cause.
I am a bit confused by all the discussion about battery charging. I figure to drive the car routinely except in the snow and rain, when I shall use my Jeep Grand Cherokee. My mileage will be around 6K/year and no long term Winter storage, though it is likely the car could be immobile for a month or so if we are travelling. Also, I park front in to (heated) garage, so if it is required to put the car on a battery tender ( i keep my Triumph TBird on a tender continuously), It would be much easier to charge from the hood end rather than the trunk. For comparison, our Audi A7 is fine left to itself for weeks at time with no additional charging.
So, thanks again. This Forum looks great.
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