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New F-Type Owner Byrnes Mill, MO

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Ordered a new 2022 P450 in December of 2021. When Jaguar finally scheduled the build they had already switched to the 2023 model so I ended up with a 2023 at the price I agreed to for a 2022.
I wanted an F-Type for many years but for some reason never pulled the trigger. Finally made up my mind that its now or never. Love its looks, performance, sound, drive quality/experience and all the looks it gets while on the road! If you are hesitant, go for it as you will be glad you did.
My F-Type was featured by YouTuber Mark Holubetz on October 23rd, 2022. Thanks Mark!
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Thank you!
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What a beauty!. You are a brave man ordering those white seats, darnit they look good ;-) Congrats.

I'm in the latter stages of deciding on what I'm going to purchase, and a new F-type is at the top of that list. I've always found this car appealing. I think the reasons for that are obvious to most.

In any case, my plan is to put a little cash together over the year here to soften the payment blow a bit, and then order pretty much right around the same time as yourself in December 2023 (whatever I end up going with). At this time I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with an F-type, on the assumption that there will be production still for the model 2024 year? I've heard they are all electric by 2025, so I have been operating on the premise that the F-type will be produced for 2024.

I'm rockin' the same "now or never" attitude as yourself ;-)

When precisely was your car delivered to you after ordering?

Do you guys happen to know for sure whether or not the F-type will be produced for model year 2024?

Great colour choices my friend. Looks absolutely incredible!

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Looks like there will be no F-type production for the model 2024 year according to this:
In the spirit of not spreading misinformation, that previous article I posted must only be for the Euro market. This article says North America will have a 2024 model year:

Phew ;-0
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