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Okay (my roof issues aside) the car is scary fun, I don't have the exhaust cut outs, or the upscale dynamics, and I only have a base V6

Chip said:
Come on folks tell us about how this car behaves on the twisties, in traffic, on back roads, and just your observations.
1) I seriously love the all around noise, and on the occasion when I get some overrun and I hear the snapping and the beautiful sound of the exhaust popping and cackling as I lift my foot off the gas pedal always brings a big grin. Fortunately I listen to my stereo a lot of the time so my smile doesn't wear out or get permanently stuck on my face.

2) The car looks wicked fast just siting at a stop light or parked. I get complements from the usual assortment of teens, middle aged guys and some real old duffers. But what I didn't expect was the amount of ladies my Mom's age who stop or come up to me and say what a beautiful car my F-Type is.

3) Off the line you can't resist putting the pedal down it's just pure fun to leave almost every car well behind in the rear view mirror. But more than that you feel great acceleration and the V6 just spins right up no lag whatsoever and then you get a screaming growl. Of course you have to taper off pretty quick to obey the local speed laws (or at least keep it in reason).

4) And yes the corners in the F-Type are quite fun, I have yet to find a nice country road with "S" turns galore but this is in my future hwy 1. In a corner the car stays damn level and just feels very intuitive I swear you can just feel the rear end start to slip and then you have enough time to decide to back off a bit or just have some fun around the corners with some moderate fish tailing. Don't get me wrong the car feels like it's glued to the road but you can still push it and pushing it is fun. I was worried from reading the initial reviews about the "tight steering ratio" and the "fat" wheel - rest assured Jaguar nailed the steering it's spot on.

5) The speed limiter does indeed work as advertised (top end -or- the one you set - I won't say - and I won't be put on record).

6) The 8-speed automatic transmission is the bomb it just works and it lets you know its shifting and it feels just right. The paddle shifters don't do much for me as the automatic seems to be spot on 95% of the time whether just cruising or going crazy a bit and in the later case the transmission gives just the right amount of head snapping as it walks up the gears - pushing you back in the seat the whole time.

7) Here's gluttony for you, on a hot 105 degree day when I'm with the wife, I leave the top down and blast the AC, the cockpit is small enough the the AC works full body even going 70-80 mph.

8) The seats .... if you only get one option get the performance seats - I will say it again get the performance seats - they look great and the adjustments are superb. I have one setting for normal driving, one setting for sport driving (and the third for my wife). The adjustable pneumatic bolsters (sides and back) are fantastic and you can dial them in to fit you like a glove - who needs a stinking grab bar (actually the passengers do in fact need the grab bar whenever I open the car up).

9) Not that I care too much about gas mileage but I get 33 mpg (US) at 70 mph (using cruise control) and this brings up a great thing what I do like is that with a 19 gallon tank my range is 600+ miles. I have buddies that love the Tesla Model S it's a nice car (the top Tesla model does 0-60 in 4.2 sec like the F-Type V8 but your talking 200 mile range). Hey the F-type looks better and I don't have to waste my life waiting for a car to charge or plan my trips around available charging stations.

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