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Official F-type manuals and service data etc

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Owners tab: (FREE access

  • Owners Manual / Handbook
JSA 10 02 35 141 - Owners Handbook - Supplementary information
JJM 10 02 35 142 - F Type Owner's Handbook (Issue 2) 2014MY
JJM 10 02 35 141 - Owner's Handbook
(They can be viewed in the app or in your browser and then downloaded, chapter by chapter...)
  • (limited ) Service information
  • (some) Accessory Fitting Guides

You can register and pay a fee for additional access:

Bulletins Tab:
  • Technical and Service Bulletins
  • Field Actions
  • Special Service Messages

Service Tab:
  • Maintenance Information
  • Workshop Information
  • Electrical Information
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Repair times

The fee can be for access for an hour, a day through to a year.
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Thanks for the information. I just added that web site to my favorites list.
Thank your for this. Registered and saw the info / service required on that damn knocking sound from the rear. I'll just take the document now into my dealer :p

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F-type Specifications and pricing - Australia


Other countries can read and laugh, BTW A$1 is about US$0.93, so they're close

We pay a lot of Tax, esp on imports and "luxury " vehicles
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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