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Sorry I got a 2021 a while back and just landed on forums recently.

I was staying busy with the Alfa Giulia forums.

2021 F-Type 300 in red, not a lot of packages, MSRP just under 80.

Car is currently in Morris County, NJ, but will be back in CA before snow. CA licensed and bought, drove it over an April weekend to Jersey. Lost my windshield in Nebraska (different story, lost a windshield in the same 50 mile region on my E350 couple of years back). Just got it replaced after a 3 month wait for glass. Also ended up with a minor paint chip on lower front left bumper that'll need touchup. So, will ship it back covered this time. But 3K miles in 3 days is not bad in this car, though far less comfortable than an Alfa Giulia or MB E350.

Any recommendations for a really good detailing shop in north Jersey?
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