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P300 Exhaust Upgrade Options

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She was sitting on the front line of a local dealers lot.

stopped by out of curiosity - salesman threw me the keys............

............UH OH ! !

She was a low mileage, V6 340 2018 model.

and I was hooked

Then drove a (supposed) 2015 380 HP "S" model and was NOT impressed

Then drove a 2021 P300 model with 19,000 on the clock - really didn't expect anything out of this setup

HOLY POWER SURPRISE, BATMAN..... I gotta say I was SURPRISED, SHOCKED AND IMPRESSED with the power and handling!!!

Impressed to the point where the hunt was on for a well-optioned, low mileage 2021+ P300 model.

I was told by the selling dealer that the 2018 V6 had a modified exhaust - it sounded (and drove) far better than the 2015 380 hp V6

While the 4 cylinder Turbo P300 has a decent rumble when pushed, I do miss the sound of my Mustang 5.0 liter where I replaced the mufflers with those from the Shelby V8.

Nice rumble, rich sound at idle, loud under serious throttle, BUT ZERO DRONE WHATSOEVER.

Seriously, no drone, nothing, NADA !

Exhaust upgrade options for the P300 are limited to SUPERSPRINT, QUICKSILVER and RAGAZZON, all of which claim (of course) no drone.

On-line research shows some mixed reviews on the Supersprint.

Unlike buying a pizza, (if it tastes bad, you throw it away and get something else next time) this is a higher ticket item that the buyer should be satisfied with and to complicate things, the SOUND is highly subjective, based on individual tastes and opinions.

I don't mind spending this kind of coin on this kind of car, and actually, really WANT TO, however IT NEEDS TO SOUND RIGHT FOR MY OWN NEEDS as once whichever trigger is pulled, I'LL OWN IT !

Some of these systems appear to be plug and play while others require additional apps to control the valving.

I can't imagine an 8-10 hour trip with an overwhelming, droning exhaust

The factory exhaust does sound good in Sport Mode, and there's no drone on the highway. Maybe JLR created the best of both worlds as they had far more development resources to product this product.

One recent

Maybe I should just stay with what I know and keep what I have.

The reality is, she's never going to sound like that 2018 V6 I drove, or a V8.

That said, I'd really like to see if I can improve what I have, but that marriage will require more information / sound clips.

Member Strilingsilver on another Forum speaks very highly of this product, and took the time to pose an audio/video clip from his driveway, however with all due respect I'd like to hear some on highway sounds or hear more opinions before getting hitched up with any of these products.

Any sharing of information on the P300 specifically will be appreciated.


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