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Paint Chip Issue

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I have recently noticed that my BRG paint is starting to chip in certain creases on my car. The area is the crease between the back of the door and the rear wheel well. It is happening on both sides and seems to be getting worse.

I took it to the dealer yesterday and they said they haven't seen this happen before. However, I then pointed out to them that they have a black F-Type on their showroom floor with the same problem. I guess no one had noticed it. I think this is going to be a common problem.

The Service Department checked with Jaguar and they authorized the repainting of my back panels through one of their authorized body shops. I have an appointment to bring the car in on Monday morning to begin the work. The dealer will also be taking their showroom car in too. I am impressed with how fast they are correcting the problem.

Below is a picture of the chips. Does anyone else have this problem?

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It Is Back Again!

I had both of my rear panels painted in October because of paint chips in the crease. The chips have come back and both creases look almost exactly like they did before they were repainted. It only took about 2 months for the problem to come back.

My dealer said that Jaguar came out with more information on this problem after my car was repainted. Apparently the cause of the chipping is from the flexing of the car body. They now have a foam backing that is installed on the back of the panels when they are installed after painting. This should be the cure.

My car will be in the shop for a week and then we will see if it works. Has anyone else had the chipping problem come back?
What year car is your F-Type?
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