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tiger4366 said:
omgomg said:
I have a black V8S and straight off the showroom floor it had this problem.
They took it back and fixed it free of charge (both sides).

I reported it on another forum, and two other guys on there with black V8S had the exact same thing.

I had assumed a flaw in the paint job - hopefully not a design flaw that will cause it to continue to come back.
I'm one of the guys from the other forum - yes, I noticed it at delivery and they addressed in their body shop the following week. I haven't noticed any changes, but I will look again when I get home.

Hi guys:

Looking for some followup here. Have you had the situation reappear since the repaint? Did they repaint the whole rear quarter of the car?

Was there any noticeable difference after the repaint? I am looking at a car that may need this procedure as well and a little concerned.
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