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Panel fit.

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Hi All,
Recently took delivery of new coupe s, and I love it, looks are unbelievable and it's a fantastic car to drive. But, unfortunately I have had a few issues with panel fit. Firstly, the bonnet was not lined up correctly and the bottom lip of the doors is not flush with the bottom sill. I bought this to the attention of my dealer and they took the car back and realigned the bonnet but the doors are still an issue. The service manager took me over to their storage building were he showed me a number of other coupes with the same problem. They tried to realign the doors but the problem still exists. I then received a letter from Jaguar AUstralia essentially stating that the gaps are within the manufacturers specs. I can not believe that JAguar would intentionally design doors that appear to not line up correctly, it's just not acceptable for a brand that aspires to compete with the likes of POrsche. Quality control is definitely lacking not only at the factory but also at pre-delivery stage. Has anybody else had this problem or am I just being too fussy. Please somebody put me out of misery.
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Panel fit

Further to my previous entry, which to my surprise I've had no correspondence, I would be deeply grateful if any F Type coupe owners could just check their doors for alignment and let me know if their doors are correctly fitted. Every time it see one I quickly check to see if the doors are correctly fitted and I find that some are perfect and others have the similar issues to mine.
I have had a response from Jaguar AUstralia and they state that it's within their tolerance, which is their way of avoiding the issue.
Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
I've got a V8 S. The driver door does sometime rub against the front side body panel when opening in certain weather conditions. nothing in life is perfect so I live with it.
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