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Please allow me to introduce myself

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Picking up my V6S tomorrow. BRG with brogue interior. Hello from Boca Raton FL.
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Congrats! Post pics please, we want to see the BRG.
Just found this site and am looking forward to sharing info on the F type. I have just moved to a sales position after 40
years in other automotive industry jobs. I'm a car guy and always have been so getting my hands on the F type is like
Christmas come early for me.
I test drove the V8 version months ago for a show we had at our dealership (Jaguar Land Rover Hilton Head) and that beast is amazing!!! Blindingly quick with impeccable handling and stunningly good looks. This is a cat with Bad Intentions for sure!
Will spend some quality time with a V6 later today. I'll let you know my impressions later.
I’ve been on this site for a few weeks. Bought a 2017 S BDE V6 AWD a couple weeks ago & love it! It’s at a detailer getting paint film on the nose, hood & rocker panels and should be back by Friday. I’m suffering from withdrawa!

This forum has been a wealth of good information, I’ll be keeping an eye on it.
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