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I was able to get my updated order print out from my dealership today which includes new dates:

Accepted Build Date 5/1/13
Current Planned Build Date 5/1/13
Factory Complete Date 5/22/13
Accepted Delivery Date 6/25/13
Current Planned Delivery Date 6/25/13

Note that the anticipated delivery date given to me on my January order has not changed, but they now have listed the actual build dates.
I also noted my engine number, chasis number, registration date and VIN are not listed, but Jag Corp says that is normal. They noted that my order should have a "Last Date of Order Change" which is shown as 4/9/13. I was told that after that date NO CHANGES can be made to the order and that the parts would be assigned and pulled to place on the assembly line. :D It looks like things are going according to the original promised dates.

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