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Hello all, my first post!

I am in York, in the uk

I have the F Type 3.0. This is my 6th jag, previously I have had 4 xkr's, the most recent being an Italian racing red 2012 model.

My f type is in salsa

My question is this. My xkr had some jaguar LED puddle lights that projected the jag logo onto the ground when the door puddle lights were activated.

I removed them (as I fitted them) when I sold the xkr, and I want to fit them to the f type, but they need to go into the door next to the existing puddle lights and I cannot work out how to remove the trim on the door to get them in!

I have a spare pair with the cutter needed to fit them. If anyone can help me I'll send you the spare pair free as a thank you! They really are VERY nice!

Regards and thanks

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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