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Puncture - how do I get my full size rear tyre into the boot? - F-Type Coupe

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Be gentle, I know this seems a stupid question, but after recently having a puncture and using the space saver spare, the only way i could deal with the punctured tyre was to store in the passenger seat. I simply could not find a way of storing the tyre in the otherwise empty boot, such that the boot door would close.

Surely this is not the intended solution from Jag?

I had already used the latex tyre filler on a previous occasion.

What have I missed?

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Ifeel your pain.
I tried to fit my wife in the trunk of our convertible but had to give up and put her on the passenger seat.
Yes, not one of Jag’s better thought out designs... carry a okki strap / bungee cord / tie down stra or whatever you call it to hold boot down with the wheel inside... won’t work with wife however...
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