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hey i have a 2017 F type S.... unfortunately i have to park it under a shed. A rat decided to make a home in the rear of the car (with rat deterrent noise "box" in the front protecting the engine !!!)...

I found out when I got in my car and the gas was EMPTY... hmmm.. i know i never leave it empty, so i looked under it and all the gas was pouring out. and I also found a baby rat under the car .. :(. so towed to dealer and 2 weeks later they say it's 1k bill with $650 worth of labor to fix this chewed line coming from the in tank pump. .... comprehensive insurance pays for animal damage thank god

Just a note to everyone...if you keep your car outside, please use some type of animal deterrent or you'll end up with a story like mine ...

Anyone with suggestions for keeping animals liek this away, let me know . Ive tried the boxes you can purchase with sound/lights. and also peppermint rags.

peace !!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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