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I have a 2014 F-Type S with only 7500 miles. I pushed button to lower top. Top went all the way down but side flaps stuck in up position. Top will not move at all when button is pushed.

Brought to dealer 3 weeks ago. They replaced switch. No luck. They attempted a "recalibration" at Jag USA's instruction. No luck. Now they want to replace a part with a name I don't recall. Also at USA's direction. I was told entire rear of car must be removed to change this part. Dealer tells me they doubt this will fix and expecting to need to replace entire top mechanism, also requiring removal of entire rear body of the car. Likely require another 3 weeks!

I am PISSED! Don't buy Jag!

I will be selling as soon as repaired while warranty still remains.

My wife was seriously considering purchasing a Rover LR4 also from Tata Motors. Not anymore.
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