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Storing over the winter

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Hi, I don't think my F-Type will get much use during the winter months since I live in NE Pennsylvania, so I've probably put it to bed for at least Dec-February. I've put an indoor car cover on it since I just had it professionally detailed prior to storing it to preserve the cleanliness.

Any other suggestions on what I should do over the course of the winter? Starting regularly, fuel additives, etc?

Thanks for any advice.
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Use some sort of "float charger" (not a trickle charger) to keep your battery charge topped off. I use Battery Tender Plus, but there are many similar smart float chargers on the market. Do not start it unless you can drive it for at least 30 min. Just starting it will not allow the engine / exhaust system to get hot enough to drive off the water condensate which will not do either any good. You are better off just leaving it be. As far as fuel additive, a lot of folks use Stabil, I am not a big fan as I believe it does not do all it claims to do. Read your owners manual about your charging system to make sure about how to charge your batteries. Folks here will comment on other tips. Some people like to keep their car (tires) positioned on squares of carpet or other things to prevent tire flat spotting.
This is a short period of time so my advise is to do nothing at all. Remember there are 2 batteries in your F-Type, The 5 pound lithium for starting and the big one on the left side that runs all the electronics. A smart charger, less then $30.00, will hold both batteries up as long as you connect it to the terminals located in your engine compartment, right hand side (see manual). If your batteries are fully charged when you put your unit in storage, your smart charger will show green in less then an hour and then do almost nothing from that point on. This subject has been covered before on this site. I put our cars in storage for about 6 months per year and this method has worked and the battery life is just fine. DO NOT USE A TRICKLE CHARGER! A smart charger will turn off when the voltage is correct which also means the current will be there when you need it. BATTERIES HATE HEAT AND HEAT WILL SHORTEN THERE LIFE SPAN... Pascha
Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it.
Also you might want to slightly over inflate your tires. This will help reduce the tire flat-spotting issue. If you do get a chance to drive your car, be sure to use your de-frost or AC in the hot position. This will keep all the seals lubricated with-in the AC system.
Happy New Year. Thanks for the pointers above. Regarding the tires I was proposing to put the car on 4 jack-stands as I did my other car last year, maybe that is not necessary?
This year I will be storing my F Type for some 8 or 9 months when I go back to Europe, given this time frame should I do more?
Eugene; 8 or 9 months of storage is a bit of a different animal. Fuel deterioration is the biggest issue unless you can get a full tank of non-ethanol gas then add some fuel stabilizer. In your case putting the car on jacks may not be a bad idea. I think some sort of cover would be a good idea too. There are other issues to consider and perhaps the most damaging would be "critter" invaders.
Thanks Chip, the car will be in our garage. As regards the fuel I will try and get non-ethanol petrol. I used to leave my boat full of diesel to help prevent condensation but maybe the car would be better nearly empty? I will think about the critters! I will be spraying "home defense" on the garage floor.

Is there any update yet on whether the fuel filler flaps should be lockable as implied by the manual?


If your garage is heated it probably doesn't matter about the fuel level, but if it is not heated you should fill it up. Here is one problem with ethanol in fuel; It is in solution in gas only so long as it stays agitated. (as in driving) Left too long it will come out of solution and go towards the bottom of your tank. In that process it will grab all the moisture it can and that too goes to the bottom of your tank. If for some reason that mixture becomes supersaturated with condensate it creates the worst of all circumstances and create a 3-phase system consisting of water, ethanol, and gasoline. The fuel pump will grab the lowest in the tank in deliver that (probably water & ethanol) to the fuel injectors. Not a good thing! Stabil claims to prevent this action, but I have my doubts. It does prevent oxidation, but claims that it prevents the separation of ethanol from gasoline are a bit overstated in my experience. I have not heard anything more about the fuel filler flap other than it is NOT lockable.
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Summer storage

Thank you Chip,
The car will be stored in Florida for the summer so heating should not be a problem!!
I have found a gas station with non-ethanol fuel( Marathon on US 41 Just North of Corkscrew in Estero Florida)but it is rated as "minimum octane 90" which the garage attendant says is better than 93 with ethanol. The car guide says to use minimum 91 Octane. Is it likely that 90 non-ethanol is at least as good as the 91 recommended rating?
Thanks again Chip, but do you have any info regarding the gas (with and without Ethanol) question?
Nothing beyond what I said in my previous comments in post #9, but I would think that 90 should be fine as the ecm should sense the lower level and modify the timing. I am not sure about that though. Maybe someone else can correct that if it is not true for this vehicle.
Thank you Chip for the heads up about the spammers. I have sent (I think?) the details to Mike
Eugene to Mike
I pulled my V6S out of storage on Saturday, after 4 months. Had a battery tender on it, and overinflated the tires a bit before putting it away. On Sunday, I noticed the check engine light was on. I'll take it in to the dealer on Monday if the light doesn't go out on its own. I've heard this isn't uncommon on other cars after storage.

On an unrelated noted, I've had my car nearly a year, and I saw the first other F-type in the wild this morning, only a couple of miles from my house. It was raining, so I wasn't in mine.
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