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X-Post from my introductory post to begin my build thread:

Hey everybody, I just took delivery of a 17' F-Type R about a month ago and have been lurking on the forums whilst I got acquainted with her. I look forward to emeeting and engaging with a new community of enthusiasts.

I come from a long history of German car ownership and modding, and I am huge DIYer. From manual transmission swaps and ECU tuning to full interior reupholstering, I've done it all. But not without questioning my own sanity.

As of now, the completed mods on my F-Type are the following:

—Auto Start/Stop disconnected
—LoJack installed
—15mm hub-centric spacers in the front
—20mm hub-centric spacers in the rear
—IDCore Android Auto & Carplay Nav Unit
—Symposer ball valved
—Quilted 3-piece boot/trunk liner
—Sun visor warning label removed
—Badges swapped to satin and gloss black
—3D Printed magnetic phone mount, clamped to the grab handle
—Added an additional USB & 3.5mm female jack to the center armrest cubby for the ID core
—Car came with a carbon fiber S sport steering wheel, which feels great. I just don't like the orange stitching and "S" badge. (I you're an S owner, it will be up for sale in the near future)
—Cargo net

Upcoming mods and their status:

—Mina Gallery intake and pipes (going in this weekend)
—Project 7 Grille swap (still need to sort out the sensor brackets but I have the grille in my shop)
—E-code Facelift taillights swap (should be done this weekend)
—E-code front headlights swap (have the driver side, waiting on the passenger side)
— Custom forged carbon and alcantara steering wheel (I'm about 50% finished forging the carbon)
—Grey union jack center caps (going in this weekend)
—Afterburner exhaust tips (possibly this weekend)
—Front camera (will be installed with the grille once I sort out the parking sensor brackets)

[Plenty more to come, so stay tuned (pun intended)]

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