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Surprise at my dealer :)

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Surprise at my dealer :)

tested the R on road. It is, how to say ..... awesome
surprisingly comfortable (in race Mode please :) and with 20-inch wheels
- an haunting sound
- a real catapult
- Nonexistent rearview :) and a few pops of passager side seat (I had already noticed this fault on a convertible)

[url][/url] [/ img]

[img] [url][/url] [/ img]

[img] [url][/url] [/ img]

there was a white one 340 also but not Road registered

[img] [url][/url] [/ img]

good day

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Hello all

Return from Hollidays (French GT Tour at LE Mans very nice but a lot of water :))
I made a small photo montage to compare three types of rims on my future Ftype Coupe

I would like to have your opinion on the choice of rims

good day


BLADE Carbon
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Top one probably, although they have different lighting on them, so it's a bit hard to compare.
Thank you so much for these photos. I ordered my F-Type R on January 21, 2014 and have been waiting patiently since then. My dealer said June 7 for delivery. I saw one of only a few F-Type R's in North American in March (white exterior) at the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy in Las Vegas, but we were only able to drive the convertibles. Your first photo at the top is the best I've seen yet of the configuration I'm waiting for. Thanks for posting.
Guess who I saw at Hertz today??

987€/day or 1500€ for 2 days of rent oughhhh

Note that allowed me to see the Silver TORNADO wheels in real life

Really not bad at all (better than on photo)

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