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This forum is [Not] dying

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This forum is dying. It appears Jaguar is no longer interested in supporting it. How disappointing!
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Hello gsk,

I am writing to assure you that the forum is alive and well. There is no deficiency of support.

If there are any specific issues that you would like to see addressed, please send me a private message and I will be pleased to address them.

-- Wimbledon, Admin
Thanks for the note Wimbledon,

To clarify, I understand that private questions can be sent to Jaguar staff, and I assume private answers will be provided. Thank you for that service; it is appreciated. My comment was based on the apparent change of Jaguar policy, a policy of providing answers publically, on this forum, to questions raised by owners who use this forum. This change appears to have occurred in mid April.

I enjoyed very much reading the various questions raised by forum members and answers provided by Jaguar staff (pre-April). A forum is not a forum when discussions are held privately. Not a single question to Jaguar or answer has been posted to this forum since before April 15. That was my point.

On a positive note, my car (a V8S) is truly excellent.
I agree

Prior to the change in policy, I had asked numerous questions and received answer though the forum. I found it interesting to see mine and others' questions answered here. In fact some of the questions other members had ask were the same questions I had plan to ask.

Jag, please return to using this forum for questions and answers rather than the e-mail route.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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