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Thumping sound part II

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We are very pleased to report that the Thumping sound from the back of our F-Type has been corrected by the dealer. This problem may appear in all 3 F-Type models and the Jaguar fix action seems to be a good remedy. The thumping sound occurs when the rear suspension springs are compressed, metal against metal, which produced the annoying sound. The part used for the repair action is nothing more than a tubular sleeve made out of plastic. This item is installed between the last two coils closest to the chassis. Now we have metal against plastic. Jaguar, who has sent out a service bulletin on this problem will fix it only on a case by case basis. If you say nothing, they will say nothing....I took a digital picture of the fix however I have not been able to figure out how to post it into this format. I am still amazed about everything on this car and wish you all happy trails. Pascha
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My car was fixed last week. I didn't realise it was so annoying until it now. Fingers crossed the plastic is upto the job


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