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I have a early 2014 convertible and experience the thumping noise in the rear suspension and where the top and the front window come together in front of the passenger side. The suspension thump was repaired with the new spacers and seem OK for now. The top thump only occurs on the passenger side and is more prevalent when making right hand turns especially when entering or exiting driveways while making turns to the passenger side. It is also more prevalent with the window down making me suspect when the window is up, it is putting pressure on the top, thus less of an opportunity to make the thump. Never the thumping noise on the drivers side. The dealer could not duplicate, the old excuse, which has resulted in a peeing contest between the dealer, Jaguar NA, and myself. The dealer says there is no adjustment for the top. When I asked to speak to a factory representative, Jaguar NA says that can be done only through the dealer. Since it isn't a safety item, I haven't taken the vehicle back to any dealer. I will either wait for the next service or pursue the problem after the first of the year.
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