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Tire sizes?

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Anyone know the tire sizes for the car yet? Looks from the pics like it will come with Pirelli PZero's; hoping those can be upgraded to Michelin PSS's. Also, any idea if it's got a full size spare?
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copperplate said:
Anyone know the tire sizes for the car yet?
From the order guide:

245/45 R18 front
275/40 R18 rear
18-inch Vela-style alloy wheels

F-Type S:
245/40 R19 front
275/35 R19 rear
19-inch Propeller-style alloy wheels

F-Type V8 S:
255/35 R20 front
295/30 R20 rear
20-inch Cyclone-style alloy wheels
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Thanks for posting that, Wimbledon. I need to remember to consult that order guide more often.
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