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Hello ,

I already know that it's important to charge the main battery with the negative pole
to the chassis and the positive pole to the main battery positive terminal . This
prevents the battery management system (BMS) located between the battery negative terminal and
the chassis to be confused about the charging condition of the main battery.
So charging the main battery with an external charger will work but what is about the small
supplemental battery ? As far as I know the charging of this small battery is managed by a
so called gateway module (GWM). This module controls circuit breakers in the dual battery
junction box to connect or isolate the small battery from the main circuit.
But does this module work when ignition is off ? If the small battery is isolated from the
main circuit during "ignition off" no charging will be possible and the
small battery will die during a longer period of storage of the car .
Maybe you can give more detailed information about this .

Many Thanks

I'm currently experiencing the same problem. Where is the smaller lithum-ion battery located in the trunk. What does it look like. Thanks, George
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