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What Polish do you use?

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Hi. I wondered what Polish you use for your f type. Do jaguar recommend one like they do for the leather seats etc? Do you also recommend a cleaner / reproofing product?

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I took out a 1 hr subscription to Topix a few days ago and just trawled around, downloading interesting / relevant stuff specific to the F-type.

I remember an older Jag document approving some selected autoglym products, but in the context that these were approved and thus would not create warranty issues. Unfortunately that was not one of the docs I downloaded.

So I guess they have an approval process and a poor choice could affect warranty.
I have been using Rejex on my other cars and have been happy with it. I haven't used anything on the Jag yet, but will probably use the same..
Maybe one of you can set me straight. I have been rubbing waxes, sealants, polishes, quick detailers, and a host of other products on cars for a lot of years and I must admit that I just wish I understood how and why they do what they do. I have found over the years that being anal about keeping a car's exterior generally did more harm than good. What I mean is that being overzealous with the rubbing of these products on a cars exterior can over time create the very problems you are trying to prevent. I now wax my vehicles only twice a year, but I do wash them frequently. I have always wondered exactly how and why waxes and polishes will provide for a "shine" on a vehicles exterior. I also wonder just how much difference (in end result) is there in the "premium" wax products? I know many car guys have their own favorites and I get that, but sometimes it is hard for me to see a difference (when I am at a car meet) between cars I know had different products used on them. I guess I would also ask you all; How did you come to your selection of exterior care products? I would also ask about the newer synthetic waxes. Are they more durable, and / or is the shine they produce better than, or about the same as, Carnauba based products?
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Swissvax. Pricey but awesome, have used it on my cars for years.
I have a test for all of you. What I would ask you to do is get a thin walled sandwich bag, insert several fingers into it, then lightly move it across the surface of your car fender, door, or wherever. What do you feel? How smooth does it feel?
I think what Chip is referring or getting at is whether the car needs to have a clay bar remove the contaminants. I used Zaino for years and years and became aware of that company owning several Corvettes over the years. It seems to provide very good protection and shine and also lasts. I am sure there are others that work just as well or better but feel Zaino was much better than the typical Mothers or Mequiers. On the Jag I decided to have it ceramic coated and Xpel installed in the sensitive areas including the entire hood, bumper and front fenders. Now I simply wash with a power sprayer and dry with a leaf blower. I don't have to wax again.
I have used GYEON Quartz Q² CANCOAT as a long term coating to protect the paint. It is supposed to last much longer than waxes and other organic polishes. It was easy to apply and seems to be lasting as a hydrophobic coating.
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