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What Tyres? and C&D Performance Tire review

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Tyre sizes in the specs are :
Tyre Dimensions - Standard Front 245/45R18 245/40R19 255/35R20
Tyre Dimensions - Standard Rear 275/40R18 275/35R19 295/30R20

What brand of rubber comes as Std?

Also FYI Car and Driver had a recent review of Performance tires on a 318i (225/40 R18s?) at:

Pirelli P0 came in 9 from 9

Michellin Pilot Super Sport came in tops. (for the V6S in the US that would be US$296 same tire in Australia is US$720, each, without fitting!:mad: ... calling Fedex...)

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At the AMG Driving Academy a Pirelli Tire engineer made the case that high-performance cars are usually designed around a specific tire, which may even be "bespoke" for that particular car. He cited performance data showing a clearly superior performance for a given AMG car for the specified tire vs. a generic Ultra High Performance tire as well as a generic all-season tire.

For this reason, I would stick with the specified tire (this is what the suspension was tuned with), a Pirelli P Zero in the F-Type's case. The only exceptions, for me, would be track days and winter temperature and traction conditions.

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