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After 7K miles (and the car in winter storage), here are my favorite three drives so far.

1. VT-9 in southern Vermont, west of Brattleboro, going westbound. The road starts climbing up the spine of the Green Mountains with big sweeping turns, and going westbound, there are lots of passing lanes. I did it on a Saturday morning when there was minimal traffic, so I *might* have been speeding a bit. Was also a week after I took delivery of the car - I'm still smiling about that run. (The rest of the drive west to hook up with the NY Thruway near Albany is very pleasant, although I was stuck behind slow traffic a lot of the way. Nice views, though.)

2. This fall, I did a few foliage drives around my town and neighboring ones. I live in rural New England - lots of forested roads, horse pastures, etc. Blasting through the woods with great fall color with the top down - hard to beat!

3. I did drive #1 to get to my hometown in MI. I was somehow able to cram my and my dad's golf bags in the trunk, and we drove 3 hours up the east coast of Lake Michigan to golf. Nice weather, not spectacular roads, but still a very enjoyable drive. [Yes, two smallish golf stand bags can be crammed in if you remove the woods. Those go in the cabin.]

[Perhaps I should have said 'What's the most fun while driving' ;)]
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