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I have a 2023 P450 Convertible in California. It came with an AT&T micro SIM card which provided internet to the infotainment system in the car. The 3 months of free wi-fi recently expired and I’m wondering a few things….

1) Are there any alternatives to getting internet access apart from the micro SIM card? My 2 previous connected cars could use the data service from my iPhone to run their on board apps but it appears the F-Type will only get wifi via the SIM card?

2) Does anyone know if AT&T is the only provider that the F-Type is compatible with? I use a different provider for my phone than AT&T.

3) Is it even worth paying for a separate data service solely for the F-Type? The “Jaguar Live” Apps looked pretty lame and I have no idea if they’re planning on adding anything. Do I need wifi service for anything else in the Jag apart from the Live Apps?

Would love your thoughts as the documentation on this in the manual is very weak.

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